Client reviews

Andreas Kornum Buus

“We had an urgency for an animation, that we needed in correlation with a finale in an innovationcontest. We found Oliver that offered us a good price and a fast delivery. During the process we had a good and close dialogue, and Oliver was good at involving us in it. That way we got the best possible result, and we are sure, that it helped us getting further in the finale!”

Kasper “Kjasper” Tofting

“Oliver is pretty quick at responding, and the product is always made as planned – or even better.”

Nick “Knowix”

“Oliver makes it fast and thoroughly. He spends a lot of time on the things, that he creates!”

Lasse “WopperDK”

“In no way i’m regretting, that i chose to buy my logo and intro from RexCreations. I got what i asked – and more. He’s super professional, from start to finish, and if you have the slightest problem with what you bought, he’ll immediately help you :D”

Oliver “CxookieDK”

“I was really impressed by my products from RexCreations, and the service was at it’s best!”

Ulrik “AnViFox” Josefsen

“Really easy to get in touch with and quick at making a deal. Very flexible, easy to work with and delivers top quality.”

Alexander “EkyleCraft”

“Really good graphic designer that fulfills the clients requirements. In general Oliver delivers a really good product. The wait is there, but it’s worth it.”

Hector “Xiandrox”

“Amazing work! Would recommend to get these services. High production at a low price.”

Kasper “KevPlaysMC”

“It has been very nice buying from Oliver. He’s legit and there’s no messing around. So thumbs up :)!”

Mikkel “RedBandana”

“I think, that I got a really good product in cooperation with Oliver. It took some time, but you can always do something about that. All in all a good purchase.”

Magnus “TerneyTV” Terney

“Really nice guy that always does his best :D”

Josh “MilitaryOpie”

“RexCreations is a good designer, that I buy all my logos from. He offers a cheap price, and it doesn’t take that long to make. The design that he made for me was professional and looked really good. You should buy from him, he is amazing.”

Oliver “Vypex”

“Rex is creative with the stuff he’s creating, and he’s always thinking, that it should be high quality. He is worth the money and does a good job.”

Oliver “McKidPro”

“Got the intro in a short period of time, and if there were something I didn’t like, he changed it immediately”